St. Andrews Alumni Council Logo

The logo of St. Andrews Alumni Council invokes layers of symbolism. The blue heron has long been an inspiring sight for those walking the banks of Lake Ansley Moore. This particular heron, much like St. Andrews alumni, is a highly adaptable animal covering multiple nations and a broad range of habitats from subtropical waterways to desert rivers. In the logo, it is taking flight, symbolizing the alumni heading out into their future communities. In September, blue herons migrate alone or in groups, but, of course, they tend to return home in time.

The logo’s Celtic crosses not only refer to the recurring motif in campus architecture; the three rows symbolize Flora Macdonald College and Presbyterian Junior College moving to form St. Andrews. As always, the Celtic Crosses themselves symbolize the institution’s Presbyterian roots and celebration of Scottish Heritage.

The logo was developed by Alumni Council member Gary Brazzell (’93) in 2013 and released to St. Andrews University, a branch of Webber International University. The college holds the rights to this trademark. The logo denotes the alumni organization recognized by St. Andrews and is used to label communications coming primarily from St. Andrews Alumni Council, as opposed to communications from the college itself.