February 2023 St. Andrews Alumni Council Meeting. Pictured top to bottom, left to right: Dr. Heather Jenkins Brazzell, Gary Brazzell, Jennifer Sink, Bill Rinker, Gregg Stupinski, Cooper Davidson, Tommy Love, Martin Brossman, Hunter Allen, Jeff Robertson, Justin Jetton, Tim Rankin, Charles “Wally” Mann, Dr. Keith Wade, Richard Yercheck)

We proudly present the current members of St. Andrews Alumni Council. This dedicated group includes five past Alumni Council Presidents, business owners, higher education professionals, c-level professionals, as well as recent graduates building their careers. They join us from North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Texas, and Oregon. Moreover, we are excited to welcome new members who have not served on Alumni Council previously. St. Andrews Alumni Council seeks to have one third of its membership be new to service on council as well as to have members from a range of decades.

(◊) Welcomes a first-term-ever council member
(∆) Recognizes a past Alumni Council president
(*) Recognizes a current or past member of the Board of Trustees

Janice Adamson (◊) 1988
Hunter Allen1969
Edward “Mackay” Asbury (∆) 1975
Gary Brazzell1993
Dr. Heather Jenkins Brazzell (∆) 1993
Martin Brossman (◊) 1982
Damon Winston Byrd1977
Lisa Gaw Chenausky (∆) 1990
Katherine “Buttercup” Clark1992
Dr. Matt Clark (∆) 1995
Cooper Davidson1967
Lane Custer Ducker1969
Natasha Grimm (◊) 2007
Robert “Max” Hamilton (◊) 2018
Tarryn (Holmes) Hamilton (◊) 2017
Wendy Harris (∆) 1993
Justin Jetton2008
Eric Kronenwetter1994
Bonnie Greer Johnson1968
Ruth Letizia, MD (◊)1994
Tommy Love (◊) 1998
Steve Maclin1988
Charles “Wally” Mann1991
Robin Mann (◊) 1993
Michael McOwen1979
Terra Elan McVoy1996
Henry Ogden1987
Selena Patterson2010
Timothy Rankin (◊) 1996
William “Bill” Rinker (∆) (*)1969
Chris Siefken2004
Jessy Siefken2006
Jennifer Sink (◊)1995
Gregg Stupinski1993
Miles Weaver (◊) 1973
Charles Wheeler (◊)1995
Oliver Wilson1991
Richard A Yercheck1988