The old Bell Tower at St Andrews in Laurinburg, NC

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No matter what the tuition the year you attended St. Andrews, no one paid the full cost of a St. Andrews education. Donations in the past supplemented the cost of your education up to 40%. Will you do the same to help future members of our St. Andrews family access a St. Andrews education?

Gifts of All Sizes Matter

Major donors and grants look at percentage of alumni giving as a key metric in determining what schools they should support. These major donors make a big difference at St. Andrews. This metric does not count the size of your gift, but the fact that you choose to help. Will you vote for St. Andrews?

You Will Forget

The donation you made three years ago will feel like eight months ago. It’s classic. Automatic donations on your credit card keep you on track and keep our alumni support percentages high. What’s more, scheduled donations are more helpful to school budgeting. Can St. Andrews count on you?

Support Your Favorite Part of St. Andrews

Giving to the Annual Fund (aka the general budget) is the best way to enable the school to set strategic priorities. But maybe you want to show support for your favorite part of St. Andrews. By all means, go right ahead! The donation form lists several specific areas of giving where you can direct your donations. At last count, this included:

  • The Equestrian Program
  • The Paul Baldasare Legacy Registry
  • Rooney Coffman Science Endowment 
  • Class Gifts
  • Men’s Athletics
  • Women’s Athletics
  • Disaster Relief